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Slashing Evil

The dark side of slash.

The dark side of slash.
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This community is for people who like their slash to have a bite. Vampires, the undead, the supernatural, aliens, BDSM, evil villans, mad scientists, the dark side of the force, ect.

Post your fics here, art is always welcome, icons, make fic recs, post metas or wanks about any of the topics this community is intrested in, or post articles and book recs that might intrest the community. Be an active member. I would like to start a community where people who like the darker side of slash can feel welcome. (And by dark, I mean evil, please no suicide fics.)

Anything goes, so this community is for people who are 18 or older.

Please use LJ-cuts for long stories and large pieces of art. Also make sure that anything rated R or above is behind a cut. Please don't spam the community.

Any other rules? Well I am making this up as I go along, so I'll add them if I see the need.