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Kallisti Ch-1 up! Sequel to Neverwhere

Fic info:

Title- Kallisti
Author-ImmortalBeloved (me)

Categories-AU, mainly slash, some het, angst, humor, WIP
Fandoms so far- Buffy, Hellsing, Highlander, House, James Bond, 24, Anita Blake, Harry Potter, eventually Vampire Hunter D, and various cameos.
New!- Doctor Who, Xena

Main Pairings- Xander/Angel/Spike, Alucard/Integra, Giles/Ethan, Willow/Tara, Cordelia/Walter, Jean-Claude/Asher, Riley/Graham, Doctor/Captain Jack, Joxer/Ares, plus various minor pairings.

Warnings- Sex, some foul language, some BDSM, epic fic, totally insane.
Rating- NC-17
Chapters- 1
Sequel To Neverwhere. ( http://www.tthfanfic.com/Story-12341/ImmortalBeloved+Neverwhere.htm )

Summary- Sequel to Neverwhere. Read that first! Plot summary- Insanity, chaos, war, peace, love, and maybe some space ships. Just trust me, this will be one wild ride. ^-~ New fandoms: Doctor Who, Xena.
Archived at TTH(link below), and WWOMB.

Authors Notes: This is a crazy, impossible mess of a fic, but so far it actually seems to be working. Still, I am sure I will be reported to some sort of awful fic site any day now. ^-^;; (If I haven't already been.) If you can't review on TTH, please review on here. Comments and questions about the fic are always welcome!


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